How to author a Metric

In order to author metrics, you must have a user account that has been granted access. Please click on ‘Register’ in the upper right-hand corner to register for an account. If you already have an account, but do not have the ability to author metrics, please enter a request into our DQM Service Desk .

First, login to your user account that has been granted the ability to author metrics. Review existing metrics below. To submit a new metric, click “Author a Metric” and begin by entering a brief description of the metric. You can then select the Results Type, Domain, and DQ Harmonization Category from the drop-down menus.

  • A list of similar existing metrics will populate the panel below based on the information entered for you to review. Please confirm that this is a new metric and not a duplicate of an existing metric.
  • Click “Save and Continue” to move to the Metrics Details form and fill out the following optional fields:
    • Description - details on the purpose of the metric
    • Justification - additional context or reasoning for the create of the metric
    • Expected Results –description of what the author is expecting as a result of executing the metric against a data source
    • JIRA # for Public Comments –a ticket will be created to enable discussion on the specific metric
  • Once the details of the metric have been filled in, select “Save and Continue”
  • On the Metric Summary page, choose to either “Submit for Review” or “Save Draft”. You will be able view all of your submitted and draft metrics on your Dashboard.

For more information, please see the Resources page.

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